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Date: 03/21/2016
Event: Shareholder Activism in Contemporary Corporations: A Comparative View
Location: CSL 5 SEM
Time: 12:00 PM

Andrea Guaccero, Professor, Private Comparative Law, Roma Tre, Italy


Although presenting some common features in the various corporate law systems, shareholder activism does not work in the same way in every corporate context. Factors like the prevailing ownership model and the remedies and instruments provided by applicable corporate law make a difference as to the efficacy of activists’ campaigns. Professor Guaccero will compares the different perspectives under which shareholder activism can be regarded, especially in the dualism between civil law and common law systems. Professor Guaccero will also discuss whether shareholder activism is contributing to a certain reduction in the trend towards managerialism which is becoming more and more present in continental European corporate law systems.

This event is open only to the Cardozo community. Registration is required. Lunch will be provided.